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The Fontainebleau Hilton
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With the opening of the Fontainebleau it became the island's premier resort,  the "Crown Jewel of Miami Beach." Every President since Eisenhower has called it  home when visiting and some of the top entertainers who have stayed or  performed at the resort are Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Lucille Ball.  The resort continues to reflect the gracious ambiance and prestige it has been famous for since the day it opened.
In 1998, The Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel called upon Structural Waterproofing to participate in the exterior renovation. Structural Waterproofing performed a complete mechanical stripping of 40 year caulk around windows and doors using pneumatic grinders as well as the aluminum portion of the window system and all perimeter caulk from aluminum to masonry.

Upon completion of this procedure, the entire window system was caulked using a top of the line urethane caulk followed by the total wet glazing of the glass using a premium silicone caulk.

The exterior masonry was high pressure washed, followed by extensive concrete patch work. Upon completion of patching all elevations were primed and double coated with elastomeric coating.

Horizontal balcony surfaces had existing carpet removed. The surfaces were then scarified with pneumatic grinders; spalled concrete repaired; and a weephole system installed. The prepared surfaces were then completed with a unique application of a urethane deck coating system. All materials used in the waterproofing came as a result of Structural Waterproofing's recommendations to the owner.
Upon completion of Building 3 in November 2000, this procedure will have eliminated well over 1,200 independent window and wall leaks. All work completed received a long term manufacturers warranty.
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